Midwife Laila Amini checks on a mother and newborn at the Arkalik Village Family Health House. © AADA
Faryab, Afghanistan – It was five years ago during winter when a 17-year-old girl in extreme labor pain was taken to the Family Health House in Arkalik Village in a wheelbarrow. She was about to give birth to her first...
Emergency Response: UNFPA Afghanistan supported Mobile Health Teams & Family Health Houses
The Family Health Houses and Mobile Health Teams play critical roles during the emergency response in Afghanistan, they provide health services for the vulnerable and deprived population in the hard to reach areas of th...
Midwife Zul Haja displays some of the reproductive health care supplies she provides for women at the Zero Point clinic in Afghanistan's Kandahar Province, on the border with Pakistan. © UNFPA/Stenly Sajow
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – At the Zero Point clinic in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province, on the border with Pakistan, midwife Zul Haja often works late into the night to assist returnees in need of urgent care. “The women a...

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