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UNFPA works with the Afghan Parliament as the society’s bridge voicing population issues. Understanding the unique role of the Afghan Parliament in population development, and promoting data utilization, UNFPA in collaboration with the Afghan Parliament developed the Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development.

UNFPA developed an orientation manual for the forum and conducted an orientation session for the members focusing on key population issues such as child marriage, reproductive health and strengthen the Parliamentary Forum for policy advocacy, budget appropriation, oversight and representation roles.

With the establishment of the Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, UNFPA endeavors to strengthen, and where required develop, a conducive environment for International Conference on Population, and Development Programme (ICPD) of Action and the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

The efforts of this forum will also help UNFPA in its efforts to realize a demographic dividend in Afghanistan through supporting initiatives to reduce child mortality, increase the use of voluntary family planning, increase youth empowerment and reduce gender-based violence.

UNFPA also helped establish a five-year strategy on population and development issues for the parliamentary forum to guide its activities in the five coming years.