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Kabul, December 10 2013 - The Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs has recently submitted the draft Afghan National Youth Policy to the Council of Ministers.

The draft policy was developed through a Technical Committee, comprising key line ministries including the Ministries of Finance, Justice, Education, Higher Education, Women's Affairs, Public Health, representatives from the civil society, including youth-led organizations, as well as members from the international community, including UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO, UNESCO and Counterpart international.


The policy was developed through an evidence-based and participatory process. The draft document was presented to over 500 young women and men at eight provincial consultation workshops which were held across Afghanistan.

The document covers the areas of adolescent and youth health, education, youth employment and youth participation. Further, gender, peace, capacity building, environmental sustainability and sports are cross-cutting issues. The draft policy provides recommendations for national programmes for each of the key thematic areas.

In order to lay the foundation for operationalizing the policy, the DMoYA and partners have organized a conference titled "Investing in Youth: towards a National Youth Strategy for Afghanistan" which was held at Kabul Serena Hotel today.

The aim of the conference was to develop recommendations for a National Youth Strategy and five-year Action Plan which will implement the draft policy. Panel discussions were held in the areas of adolescent and youth health, youth employment, education and youth participation. The recommendations will form the basis for the National Youth Strategy and Action Plan which will be drafted upon approval of the National Youth Policy which is expected to take place in 2014.

"I hope that in this conference, our youth will have comprehensive discussions on all the issues and enrich the strategy even more by presenting their suggestions and views, investigate the so

cial problems of youth and put forwards practical solutions for those problems" said H.E., Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, through his message to the participants.

The development and finalization of the National Youth Strategy and Action Plan will be a key milestone in responding the issues faced by Afghan youth.