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Socio-demographic and Economic Survey: The kick of a unique opportunity to be counted


A delegation from CSO, UNFPA and the Embassy of Japan arrived in Bamyan on 3 August 2011 to inaugurate the launch of the Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey (SDES) in the province. Government officials, UN agencies and the media were invited, along with 200 of the data collectors who had been recently recruited from the province.

The first stop was a meeting with Governor Sarobi. This meeting was attended by Arie Hoekman, UNFPA, Sami Nabi, CSO, Matsuda Makoto, Embassy of Japan, Younus Payab, UNFPA and Sarah-Jean Cunningham, UNFPA. Here the governor expressed her warm welcome to the delegation and her thanks for the support of CSO, UNFPA and Japan for implementing the Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey in Bamyan.


The launch ceremony was marked by speeches from the head of the Provincial Statistics Office, Sami Nabi, of CSO, Arie Hoekman of UNFPA, Matsuda Makoto of the Embassy of Japan and the Governor of Bamyan. The 200 data collectors present were able to learn more about the strategic and local importance of such a survey, which served to boost morale and commitment.

Matsuda Makoto talked about the strong relationship between Japan and the people of Bamyan, and the continued support that the Government of Japan would like to show in the future.