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Supporting the rights of youth

Around the world, UNFPA advocates for incorporating the rights and voices of young people in policies and programmes which affect them.

UNFPA provided support to the Afghan Government in developing the Afghanistan National Youth Policy in line with the Afghanistan National Development Strategy and the Millennium Development Goals. The policy aims to promote the rights and potential of young people aged 18-35, but also presents guidelines for adolescents aged 12-18 on the subjects of health, education, employment and youth participation. Its key principles include gender equality and capacity building of youth organizations.

Following its approval in August 2014, UNFPA supports the development and implementation of the National Youth Policy through a National Youth Strategy and Action Plan (2015-2019) which will guide programmes and interventions benefiting young people for the years to come.

UNFPA helped ensure that young people played a meaningful role in development of the policy. Now, UNFPA is working to ensure that young people participate in the development and implementation of the National Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2019 in a systematic and broad based way. Working with youth networks, UNFPA is now developing mechanisms for youth engagement in decision making at every level.