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In collaboration with the Afghanistan National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA), UNFPA organized a workshop with Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled and Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, on the thematic analysis of the SDES data.

The workshop involved six days of discussions and further analysis of the data from all 13 provinces.

UNFPA organized a second key training workshop on Data Journalism on the 12th April 2018. The workshop aimed to provide Afghan journalists and policy makers with the Socio-demographic and Economic Survey findings, promote utilization of data in mass media reporting and research. Thirty journalists and 20 news editors attended the workshop, which was facilitated by data experts from the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA), UNFPA and Chief Editor from 8AM Daily.

The use of data by the media as the society’s watch dog shall not only promote evidence based reporting but also encourage the use of data by development programme planners, policy makers, the Afghan government and the international community.