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UNFPA Country Representative Visits UNFPA Field Sites

Dr. Ndyanabangi visited UNFPA field projects in Bamyan and Herat Provinces to oversee and provide guidance on UNFPA work in the province.

In addition to monitoring UNFPA field work first hand, the visit also aimed to see the challenges facing the people and UNFPA cooperation on the ground. 

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to visit Bamyan and Herat Provinces and see the circumstances under which UNFPA team and  our partners work in the provinces”, said Dr. Ndyanabangi, “This gives me and my colleagues at UNFPA a better picture of how to provide  effective support  to the  delivery of services to the population.”

UNFPA Representative also held meetings with Senior Government officials, UN sister agencies and key non-governmental partners.

The mission included visits to UNFPA supported reproductive health and GBV programs in Panjab district of Bamyan and in Herat city.

Currently UNFPA is supporting 33 family health houses (FHH) in Bamyan and Herat Provinces to provide basic health services to an average of 33,000 – 85,000. The FHHs are staffed by   trained community midwives who are supported by two volunteer community health workers and two Family Health Action Groups.

UNFPA is also supporting Family Protection Centres (FPCs)   across the country including Bamyan and Herat, at provincial hospitals providing counseling and referral services to survivors of gender based violence. The Family Protection Centres provide counselling to an average of 40 - 50 violence survivors every month.