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"Today women make up 25% of the members of parliament in Afghanistan, and it is hoped that through greater coordination and cooperation between youth organizations and women's organizations, and by grooming young female politicians, women will be eventually able to have 50% representation in the Afghan parliament. That is how it should be", said Jamila, an Information and Technology student at the Kabul University who attended a Youth Round Table organized by UNFPA.

Jamila has recently been appointed president of a youth organization called Young Women for Change (YWC).  With YWC she has been able to organize multiple events such as walks, workshops, and meetings with other men and women to discuss the issue of sexual harassment of women at all levels in the Afghan society.  She feels empowered by the support of other young women, and by being able to discuss and share opinions on a social problem that women of all ages face on a daily basis in Afghanistan. 

UNFPA Afghanistan acknowledges the immense potential of the youth in Afghanistan, and is advocating for their inclusion in development planning at the national level.  It recognizes the importance of focusing on the priorities and needs of the Afghan youth, which forms nearly half of the Afghan population.  

Strengthened by her personal experience working for young Afghans, Jamila emphasized that empowerment of youth and youth organizations depends on coordination and cooperation between them. She believes that since Afghan youth are the majority of the Afghan population they should be involved in governance, and have a say in the government's decisions concerning them.

UNFPA works with Youth Organizations and supports the coordination and networking between these organizations. In August 2011 UNFPA celebrated the International Youth Day with support of Youth in Action Association and Hadia Volunteer Group for Social Reform. Different youth organizations participated in this event and had the opportunity to present their work.  "Youth for Change", the Small Grants Program for youth organizations promoted by UNFPA was also launched on this day as an opportunity to promote youth activism. 

UNFPA is developing a comprehensive program to address youth issues that interlinks and therefore strengthens the impact of four key areas: understanding, promotion, respect and protection, using a human rights based approach.