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This report, the first of its kind in Afghanistan, depicts a potential for a demographic transition contribution to accelerating socio-economic development. The demographic data and trends analyzed in this report reveal a unique opportunity to promote Afghanistan’s short and long term development through investing in young people by reaping the demographic dividend. Investing in young people during this critical period will shape their lives and the future of Afghanistan that will increasingly depend on them.

The recommendations articulated in the report could build on the latest efforts of the Government of Afghanistan to promote a youth agenda following the parliamentary approval of the first-ever National Youth Policy. The strategy to implement this policy is currently being discussed by key actors under the leadership of the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Information and Culture. Investing in Youth: How to Realize Afghanistan’s Demographic Dividend seizes this momentum to explore the demographic situation, investments and synergies to be taken into account so young people will be at the center of Afghanistan’s political and economic agenda.