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Kabul was the fourth province to have successfully completed the Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey in the country. SDES in Kabul was launched in June 2013, jointly by the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) where the latter provided the technical assistance to the entire survey operations. SDES data serve as the benchmark for demographic information at the district level and to some extent, group of villages/enumeration areas. SDES is a continuing project designed to get those vital population information and at the same time to provide CSO staff additional experience in designing and conducting surveys in a large platform contributing much to one of the primary objectives of the institution’s capacity building. It is the only survey that addresses the need of local development planners for information at the lower level of disaggregation. There are other surveys that CSO has conducted but these are available only at the national and provincial levels.