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Afghanistan’s epidemic of gender-based violence (GBV) is a hidden one—one that mainly occurs behind closed doors. In the Asia and the Pacific region, Afghanistan is tied with Timor-Leste for having the second highest rate of physical and/or sexual violence committed by an intimate partner. Of women ages 15-49 who have ever been married, 46% experience physical and/or sexual violence. Adding emotional violence, including controlling behaviours, the prevalence jumps to 52%. To address eliminating violence against women and ending gender-based violence, UNFPA, in collaboration with the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan established one-stop Family Protection Centres (FPCs). The FPC are discreetly located in provincial and district-level government hospitals. These female-staffed, one-stop clinics provide a range of free, confidential services for survivors of gender-based violence. This advocacy document highlights the GBV situations in the country, response mechanism, and further needs and call to action to end gender-based violence in Afghanistan.