Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Title: Medical Equipment

Reference: UNFPA/KB/RFQ/16/044

Issue Date: 02/10/2016

Deadline: 16/10/2016

RFQ number:                     RFQ Nº UNFPA/KBL/16/038

Details of service:           Printing Job of Comprehensive Needs Assessment Book

Closing date:                     13 September 2016

Title           Emergency Request for Quotation forTransportation Services
Reference: UNFPA/KBL/ERFQ/16/037
Title: Hawala Services 
Reference: UNFPA/KB/RFQ/16/33

RFP No: UNFPA/KBL/16/001
Starting Date: 19 June 2016
Deadline: 3 July 2016, at 11:00AM

RFQ Name: Production of TV PSA
RFQ Number: UNFPA/KBL/RFQ/2016/026
Opening date: 25 May 2016
Closing date: 05 June 2016

Conduct Midwifery Needs Assessment